Submitted Deliverables

Here you may find the submitted public deliverables.


D1.1 Report about mineral wool waste composition and quality variability

The document coming soon!

D1.2 Instructions for Pre-treatment of Mineral Wool Wastes

D3.1 WOOL2LOOP Circular Model

D5.2 Dissemination and communication plan

D5.3 Dissemination and communication summary report 1

D5.7 Online 3D printing platform

D6.3 Data management plan

D6.4 Annual summary of periodic activity reports 1

Submitted public papers.

Juho Yliniemi, Rajeswari Ramaswamy, Tero Luukkonen, Ossi Laitinen, Álvaro Nunes de Sousa, Mika Huuhtanen and Mirja Illikainen: Characterization of mineral wool waste chemical composition, organic resin content and fiber dimensions: Aspects for valorization

Zhenming Li, Irving Alfredo Flores Beltran, Yun Chen, Branko Šavija and Guang Ye
: Early-age properties of alkali-activated slag and glass wool paste

Rajeswari Ramaswamy, Juho Yliniemi, Tero Luukkonen, Ilkka Vesavaara and Mirja Illikainen: 
Dissolution Studies of Glass Wool and Stone Wool at Alkaline pH†

Majda Pavlin, Ana Frankovič , Barbara Horvat and Vilma Ducman
: Optimization of alkali-activated mineral wool mixture for panel production

Majda Pavlin, Barbara Horvat, Ana Frankoviˇc, Vilma Ducman: Mechanical, micro-structural and mineralogical evaluation of alkali-activated waste glass and stone wool 


Kohvakka, Tuomas: Glass wool as geopolymer raw material: Milling process waste with Mil-Tek IC60 screw mill